Pallet racking system

Highly competitive pallet racking line with centrally placed frame bracing and a unique upright profile with 50mm pitch. SUPERBUILD features superior stability, rapid assembly and excellent structural performance. Ideal for drive-in and drive through applications, push-back, pallet-flow and automated systems.


Pallet racking and mezzanine system

The SUPER 456 series was created by as an innovative answer to pallet racking, mezzanine and automated storage requirements. The 33mm pitch closed box upright profile, the unique button connection, the 8 connection points on 4 faces, as well as the ease of assembly are but a few of the principle characteristics that set this revolutionary product apart.


Cantilever racking for heavy duty storage

Perfect for various lengths and bulky items requiring clear and continuous loading levels. The UNICANT system is design to maximize both the available space between levels and their load bearing capacities without compromising safety of the installation.