The uprights are closed boxed sections, without holes or cut-outs. They provide eight location points on four sides for connecting unidirectional beams or bracing elements.

Base Plate

These base plates are used to secure the uprights to the floor using 2 heavy duty bolts.


The beams are profiled sections with quadruple flange thickness at points of maximum stress for high loading capability. The grooves on top of the beams are used to locate modular heavy duty steel shelf panels, pallet support bars, and drum cradles for the storage of non palletized or special goods.
The beams are powder coated in a standard yellow colour (RAL 1004), and go through a hot wash degreasing and iron phosphate pre-treatment, followed by an application of thermosetting powder paint, followed by a curing at a temperature of 240C in a force ventilated air circulation oven.

Beam Locking Pin

Mandatory security safety clips are placed on either side of all pallet racking beams. The clips prevent an accidental lifting of the beams off the upright.


The union between the uprights and the frame bracing components is made via the frame bracket coupling.


Pallet racking and mezzanine system
SUPER456 is perhaps today’s most innovative and revolutionary mezzanine and pallet racking product series available worldwide. It is unique in terms of product design, ease of assembly and versatility.
The unique characteristics of the Super 456 product have made it an ideal product for mezzanine applications, drive-In systems, mobile racking, pallet flow, pushback, very narrow aisle, as well as countless solutions for a vast range of automated installations.

Uprights are created as closed boxed sections, without holes or cut-outs, with eight connection points on four sides, thus making this pallet racking series highly suitable for the construction of platforms and mezzanine structures.

  • 33mm upright pitch;
  • rust resistant thanks to the use of galvanized steel;
  • upright designed with two connection points on four faces for a total of 8 connection points;
  • closed profile without perforations;
  • efficient structural section;
  • structural components produced from 3.1 certified high tensile structural steels in accordance with EN10204 standards;
  • double sided connection beams;
  • easy and fast assembly;
  • availability of a wide range of standardized accessories.


With flanged tops these shelving panels can support a range of non-palletized goods.

Row spacers are used as connectors between the frames of double entry racking. They are placed on either side of the upright.

Protects the accessible side of the columns from damage.

Allows for clearly marked and distinct aisles.

When floor slab load bearing weight is not sufficient, these load distribution plates may be used to better distribute the load.

This support bar is perfect for the storage of pallets, maximizing space, efficiency, and cost of the whole system.

This connection bracket may be used to combine Super123 elements to the Super456 structure.

To protect the structural integrity of the uprights from accidental impacts, these impact dampeners may be used.

These support bars may be used for pallet storage, or other flat objects that require to be raised for easy accessibility.

Located in the back-side of the system, this beam ensures pallets are properly stored.

Protects the side of frames from damage.

These drum cradles are ideal for the storage of drums, taking full advantage of available space.

For storage of bins, these bin cradles are the perfect solution.

These beams provide 50% shelf surface coverage, and are perfect for use in installations equipped with sprinkler systems.

To further the safety of the system, some installations may require wall ties.