Electric powered moveable racking
High density mobile racking increases space utilization by up to 200% with significantly less space required than a traditional static racking.
Mobile Racking Storage Systems are extremely compact and 100% accessible. They are similar to Selective Racking systems only the racking is on wheels that move along floor rails. Each racking row remains compacted until they are required to be accessed. With a press of a button, which can be remotely controlled, electric motors move the Mobile Racking as needed to creating an aisle space in between two racking blocks so that access to pallets can be obtained. No specialized handling equipment required.

Mobile racking should be used if you have limited space for storage, or have high land costs. It is ideal for cold room and freezer storage.

Disadvantages of mobile racking include the relative high initial capital cost, the limited storage height, and the limit of aisle access to one or two aisles at the same time.

  • save on investment costs while creating new storage space;
  • up to 50 % space savings in the current warehouse space;
  • up to 100 % increase in the capacity of the current warehouse;
  • energy savings in energetically demanding businesses, such as freezer warehouses;
  • savings on operating costs;
  • remote control available as an accessory;
  • mobile racks move on rails built into the floor;
  • they are set up in a block with a single operating aisle;
  • control of movement and monitoring the operator safety is ensured by electronic system;
  • speed of movement 4.8 m/min;
  • easy and safe operation;
  • stowing by forklift.