Available in three versions of varying gauges. The uprights have a “T” shape containing two connection systems. The first, on the front face, has connectors set at a pitch of 33mm, for the assembly of beams and accessories. The second, on the side face, has connectors set at a pitch of 132mm, used for the connection of the horizontal and diagonal spacer bars.

Spacer Bar

Spacebars come in horizontal and diagonal versions, and are connected to the uprights, making a complete frame. These spacebars are the cornerstone of the structural rigidity of the frame and system as a whole.

Base Plate

Plastic base plates are best used in domestic environments, with modest load bearing capacities. Steel base plates give the ability to mount the uprights to the floor, and are recommended for industrial environments.


Beams are easily interlocked with the uprights, and contain a groove for the placement of shelf panels, modular containers, and other accessories.

Shelf Panel

Shelf panels are supplied in 0.5 and 1 inch profiles, and vary in depth up to 31.5 inches.

PVC Top Cap

PVC top caps are placed at the top of the uprights.

Safety Clip

To prevent accidental lifting of the beams and shelves, the safety clips should be used in all applications.


Boltless, hand loaded shelving system
SUPER 123 is a highly versatile boltless shelving system created to satisfy the broadest needs of hand loaded storage requirements.
The key features of the SUPER 123 system include its speed of assembly, the ease and swiftness with which shelves can be repositioned and the wide array of available standardized accessories. It’s galvanized finish ensures product durability and corrosion protection. Also used in Catwalks, Mobile, and Carton Flow systems.
  • standard heights: 78″, 98″, 120″ all the way up to 16′ and can be cut down to any height in between;
  • standard widths: 24″, 36″, 42″, 48″, 53″, 60″, and 72″;
  • standard depths: 12″, 16″, 20″, 24″, and 32″;
  • excellent load bearing capacity performance – up to 1,200lbs per level;
  • boltless shelving system;
  • rust resistant thanks to the use of galvanized steel;
  • 33mm upright pitch;
  • high-tech design;
  • 90° corner units maximize storage capacity;
  • suitable for domestic as well as industrial use;
  • structural components produced from 3.1 certified high tensile structural steel in accordance with EN10204 standards;
  • internationally patented.


metalsistem super 123 boltless shelving system

Back Panel/Cladding

Side Panel/Cladding

Garment Handing Bar

Tire Rack

Plastic Sliding Divider


Tubular Divider

Perforated Plastic Panels

Magnetic Divider

Modular Container with Dividers

Sliding Divider

Full Height Divider

Retail Hook

Retail Hook with Pegs

Carton Flow Rollers

Shelf Tray with Dividers

Label Holder

Made from high quality polypropylene, these perforated plastic panels are suitable for use within the food sector and are RoHS compliant. The shelf panels are perforated at >50% of their surface.

Perforated at 50%, these panels can be used in installations with fire sprinkler systems to adhere by the fire code.

A plastic strip can be fitted on the beams to accommodate glass shelves.

Chipboard and wooden shelves can be fitted to create a unique look and feel.

By means of four dedicated brackets, corner solutions allow for the best possible use of available storage space, especially within small rooms.

In certain installations it is necessary to affix the shelving units to the wall using wall brackets and bolts.

This fastening clip prevents the accidental lifting and displacement of the shelf panels.

They are used to prevent accidental lifting of the beams when building back-to-back bays.

Shelf trays are ideal for the storage of various goods, and have a standard shelf bottom, front and back panels, and can be accessorized with dividers.

Spigots designed for the separation of tubes, exhaust pipes, and conduits.

Used for the separation of cylindrical components or materials difficult to store. They are fixed to the upper shelf by means of a clamp connection.

Available in three different heights, and can be inserted in any position on the shelf by means of spring clips located on the beams.

Vertical sliding dividers have been designed to separate boxed items. The dividers come in different heights, and trapezoidal versions.

These modular containers can be accessorized with dividers, ideal for the storage of small goods.

The oval shaped beams and tubes are compatible with most types of hooks and provide a cost effective solution to garment storage and for hanging loads.

Label holders are clipped securely onto the beams, and accommodate label inserts.

Modular drawers are fully integrated with the Super123 system and are attached directly to the frames.

Cladding panels can be used to separate bays and are placed on the backs of bays, or sides.

A set of oval shaped beams can be used for the storage of tires.

Mobile ladders are available in three different heights and can be supplied with guide rails and curves to adapt to any environment.

Carton flow beds consist of one or more inclined runways equipped with specially designed roller tracks. Merchandise is loaded in the rear of each runway and moves toward the picking station.