Nested trolleys pallet system
Push back racking systems are similar to Drive-In racking systems in that pallets are stored in lanes up to five pallets deep. Push-back racking is ideal for storing pallets in cool rooms and areas where space is at a premium and products can be stored without requiring immediate accessibility.
Push back racking utilizes nesting trolleys that operate within each lane. The pallet is gravity fed to the front of the rack meaning that the next pallet is always ready for easy picking. Additional pallets can be added to a lane at any time by simply pushing the first pallet back and placing the new pallet onto a freshly exposed trolley. This system utilizes one aisle for picking and deposit. Push-back racking provides a high density storage solution using First-In Last-Out (FILO) stock rotation. Racking damage is reduced as the forklift never enters the racking.
  • first in, last out;
  • pallets stored multiple deep - optimizing space;
  • available with Super456 and Superbuild.