Hand loaded gravity-fed system
Carton-flow is a gravity-fed hand load order picking system designed to increase efficiency while decreasing the floor space required. Ideal for businesses with a large number of unique items that are picked in small quantities, carton-flow:

  • Stocks are allowed to roll under gravity from loading to picking area on plastic rollers.
  • Delivers efficient full carton and split carton order picking with low capital outlay and low operational costs.
  • Saves on labour by providing a more orderly picking system. order pickers work in the front aisle, completely separated from the replenishers who work in the back aisle.
  • Presents the widest range of products within easy reach and therefore eliminates much of the walking and searching time. The “items picked per hour” is dramatically increased.
  • This application is particularly suitable for assembly line, order picking, packing and dispatch area.

  • first in, first out (FIFO)
  • gravity fed
  • available with Super123, Unirack, Unishelf, Super456, and Superbuild
  • lane dividers available