Manual mobile base systems

Mobile base systems increase storage density while maintaining full accessibility. A perfect solution for space challenged locations such as offices, small shops, archives and alike.

Specifically designed for Super123 and Unirack shelving series, Mobibasic and Mobieasy can be used to convert existing static shelving installations into high density mobile systems without a fuss.


An expression of an efficient union between function and design. Designed by, Mobifront is a game changer for mobile base systems. The key feature that makes Mobifront unique is its front-access concept that removes the need of an access corridor. Once opened, the shelving is fully accessible from both faces. Mobifront distinguishes itself from the Mobibasic & Mobieasy systems as it is a fully cladded solution. This new solution is ideal for environments such as wide corridors, traditionally very difficult to optimise. Front, rear and side panelling provide a clean finish suitable for any office or archive environments, even the most demanding.

Mobibasic / Mobieasy

  • suited for both single and double face retrieval;
  • smooth operation;
  • lockable hand wheel solutions;
  • minimalistic industrial design;
  • available with galvanized or powder coated hand wheels;
  • compatible with the full range of accessories.


  • all bays can be accessed with just one action;
  • once opened, the shelving is fully accessible from both faces;
  • ideal to optimize even the most demanding environments;
  • a sleek, modern design;
  • suitable to all office environments.