The Gondola shelving offers a generous choice of components and accessories. Displayed products are showcased in environments that can be diversified through an ample choice of display configurations and finishes.

The Gondola shelving system was developed to meet the display and fit-out requirements of all types of sales environments. With its extensive range of accessories designed for the display of the widest possible assortment of merchandise categories,  every aspect of the product is painstakingly designed to maximize choice and encourage consumer purchases.

Gondola shelving offers a generous choice of components and accessories, the possibility of customizing the articles and diversifying display areas with the use of different finishes, all with the aim of focusing consumer attention on the displayed products.

The system makes it possible to configure the sales area with the utmost flexibility adopting a variety of different display modules and a wide range of standard upright heights.

Easy and fast assembly are just two of the advantages of the system, allowing rapid configuration of the sales area in accordance with seasonal trends.

  • easy and fast assembly;
  • 25mm pitch upright for a greater product distribution in height;
  • rapidly adjustable to seasonal and market trends;
  • versatile and elegant accessories;
  • superior quality finishes;
  • materials of certified quality;
  • innovative interior design concepts;