The modern, modular, sleek conveyor system
SUPERROLL conveyor system is the most modern, modular, and sleek conveyor system of it’s kind, suitable for the most demanding operations.
The annodized aluminum frame encloses all of the components including the drive system, controls, cables, photo-sensors, motors, and power supply. The modularity of the system and the omni-directional transfer units (OTUs) allows to make curves, slopes, diverters, and switches with speeds of up to 1.5m/s.
  • for transport of boxes, totes, and bags;
  • drive, controls, sensors, motors, and power supply are hidden inside the frame;
  • zone-powered conveyor (ZPC), roller conveyor, belt conveyor, omni-directional transfer unit (OTU);
  • easily make curves, corners, diverters, gates, x-switches, crossings;
  • OTU up to 10,000 units per hour (1.5m/s);
  • abrasion proof and shock resistant polyurethane wheels;
  • very quiet operation;
  • easy assembly and maintenance;
  • plug and play;
  • annodized aluminum frame;
  • energy saving up to 84% compared to conventional conveyors;
  • water and dust resistant (IP54 certified);
  • UL/CE certified;
  • internationally patented.