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Key Points to selecting adjustable metal shelving for your home or business

At ShelvingMate, we specialize in unique and affordable storage solutions for home and business owners throughout the Greater Toronto Area, including garage shelving, mezzanine shelving, industrial storage shelving, and adjustable shelving solutions, among others.

All of the units we sell are made from high strength galvanized steel, are known for their versatility, and come with a 5 year warranty on workmanship and materials.

Regardless of your budget, one of our highly trained design consultants can work with you on designing a number of solutions to choose from at different price points.

Here are the top five points to remember when selecting adjustable metal shelving for your home or business:

Point Number One: The area where adjustable shelves will be installed plays a big role in the system you choose. Will the shelves be installed in your home, or place of business? Do you need a storage system for your garage to clear floor space? Is your warehouse disorganized, creating the need for a storage system where each shelf holds a different product based on category, colour, or other features? Another factor to consider is whether the shelves will be installed in a location that’s regularly exposed to the elements. In this case, ShelvingMate’s galvanized steel adjustable shelving is an ideal option.

Point Number Two: Many adjustable metal shelving systems are installed on walls, which means you have to carefully consider whether the walls is strong enough to hold the shelves, and whether the walls can accommodate the weight of the shelves and any items that are stored on them. Half walls, for instance, may not be a good option for steel shelves that are going to hold hundreds of pounds worth of tires or heavy tools. ShelvingMate’s shelving solutions are completely boltless and as such eliminate the need for walls.

Point Number Three: Lighting is another consideration. There are many kinds of lighting that may or may not work when it comes to adjustable shelving, including track lighting, hidden style or recessed lighting, lamps, or even candles. If the shelving system is expected to store items that will be removed or added, then something unobtrusive like track lighting or recessed lights might be a good option. ShelvingMate has lighting accessories to accommodate these issues and provide ample light for your storage.

Point Number Four: Who will have access to the shelves? If adjustable shelves are going to be installed in your home where they will be accessible by children, they need to be sturdy and low enough for a child to reach without the use of a ladder.

Point Number Five: Function and design considerations. ShelvingMate can customize adjustable shelving for a wide variety of needs, but the process is smoother if you know in advance what the shelves will be used for. Will the shelves hold small storage bins? Are you planning on creating more floor space in your garage by storing lawn equipment or other seasonal items? Answers to such questions will help determine the size, configuration, and number of shelves that are needed – all of which factor into the end cost.

The team of designers and installers at ShelvingMate take pride in offering not only adjustable metal shelving, but complete shelving solutions for all your needs.

Call us today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your shelving needs. We are confident we can offer you a great shelving solution at a great price and we know that it will serve you for decades to come.

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