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Winter tires and storage Solutions with UNIRACK



Optimal Storage for Tire Manufacturing Companies:

Winter has arrived, and the need to switch from summer to winter tires is upon us. For tire manufacturing companies dealing with large quantities of tires, managing storage efficiently is a crucial task. UNIRACK shelving offers an innovative solution tailored for manufacturing warehouses. It maximizes storage capacity, effectively minimizing the footprint required. With its versatile and customizable shelving units, UNIRACK ensures efficient storage while facilitating seamless inventory management.

Garage Tire Storage Solutions:

For car enthusiasts and homeowners with a personal garage housing seasonal tires, UNIRACK shelving provides an ideal solution too. The adjustable shelving units ensure tire storage is optimized without compromising space for other garage essentials. UNIRACK’s versatility enables easy customization to fit different tire sizes, offering a clutter-free and organized garage space.

Our UNIRACK system adapts effortlessly to any tire dimension and comes with adjustable shelves, providing added convenience and flexibility. For tire manufacturing companies seeking efficient storage or garage owners wanting to organize their tire storage, UNIRACK offers unparalleled solutions at the lowest prices in the market.


Key Features of Unirack

  • Customizable dimensions: Heights up to 16′, adjustable widths and depths.
  • Strong load capacity: Handles up to 1,410lbs per level.
  • Rust-resistant: Galvanized steel for durability.
  • Multi-use: Suitable for both domestic and industrial purposes.
  • Certified quality: CE marked high-tensile steel components.
  • Flexible design: Adaptable for various storage needs.
  • Internationally patented: Optimized for tire storage.

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