Bolted shelving (Unirack), Reference Installations, Super456

Unirack & Super 456 Installation : Maximize Storage:

Unlocking More Storage: Overcoming Limited Floor Space:

In our recent project, our customer faced a common storage challenge for their distribution warehouse—limited floor space and a growing need for increased shelving. But recognizing this challenge, our team suggested a strategic solution: constructing a platform using our reliable Unirack and Super 456, line. So this platform was strategically placed above existing shelving to maximize unused overhead space.

Optimizing Warehouse Storage with Unirack & Super 456

Crafted with Unirack and Super 456, our robust platform, adorned with metal deck and plywood, efficiently expanded storage without encroaching on floor space. To ensure easy access, we installed sturdy stairs, providing a safe and efficient way to reach the elevated platform. This design optimizes storage and enhances accessibility for seamless warehouse operations, improving functionality and contributing to a safer workflow.

Key Features of Unirack & Super 456 Storage Solution:

  1. Structural Excellence: Our platform, built with Unirack and Super 456 , stands as a testament to robust engineering.
  2. Vertical Storage: Opting for vertical expansion, we efficiently utilized overhead space for additional storage.
  3. Adaptable Decking: The combination of metal deck and plywood ensured a versatile surface, ready for more shelving.
  4. Convenient Access: Installed stairs provide a safe and efficient means to reach the elevated platform.

Next Steps: Integrating More Unirack Shelving

With the platform seamlessly in place, our next phase involves integrating more Unirack shelving, thereby further enhancing the warehouse’s storage capacity. This strategic addition not only optimizes the existing structure but also provides a scalable solution to meet evolving storage needs.

Witness the Transformation!

Explore our photo gallery to witness the impactful installation that transformed the warehouse. Additionally, if you’re ready to optimize your storage efficiently, contact us for cost-effective solutions.

Stay tuned for more success stories and practical solutions from ShelvingMate. Furthermore, we’re dedicated to simplifying your storage challenges and making your operations smoother!

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