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Pushback Racking systems: Maximize Warehouse Space


Nested trolleys pallet system

Maximizing Warehouse Space with Pushback Racking Systems:

Pushback racking systems revolutionize warehouse storage, offering efficient solutions for space-challenged environments. These systems, resembling Drive-In racking, are designed for storing pallets efficiently in compact spaces, catering ideally to cool rooms and areas with limited accessibility requirements.

Efficient Storage with Nested Trolleys

Pushback racking systems employs nested trolleys within lanes, enabling a space-maximizing approach. By using gravity, pallets are automatically positioned at the front of the rack, ready for seamless picking. Additional pallets can be easily added or replaced, ensuring optimal utilization of space and reducing damage to the racking structure.

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High-Density Storage Solution

One of the key advantages of push-back racking is its ability to offer a high-density storage solution. With a First-In Last-Out (FILO) stock rotation system, this setup allows efficient access to stored products while minimizing the footprint needed within the warehouse.

Reduced Racking Damage and Improved Safety

A significant benefit of push-back racking is its minimal impact on the racking structure. As forklifts don’t enter the racking system, the risk of damage is significantly reduced, contributing to a safer and more durable storage solution.

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Pushback racking systems offer an innovative approach to warehouse storage, maximizing space utilization and ensuring efficient stock rotation. Ideal for cool rooms and space-limited areas, these systems revolutionize the concept of efficient storage.

Ready to transform your warehouse storage? Explore the benefits of push-back racking systems for your business.

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