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Get the best Garage shelving solution with ShelvingMate

If you’re a homeowner looking for ways to increase the value of your home with the least expense – without selling it, building an addition, or building a multi-level patio – then why not consider organizing your attached or detached garage to maximum efficiency with garage shelving units from ShelvingMate?

ShelvingMate is the market leader in the Greater Toronto Area for innovative and affordable shelving storage solutions for home and business owners, and we can help you organize and minimize clutter with many different garage shelving units, some of which can accommodate more than 270 kilograms of “stuff” in every size and shape imaginable.

Let’s face it. Houses are bigger than they were 30 or 40 years ago, meaning homeowners naturally accumulate more things than ever before. As such, there’s a growing need for more usable space for a workshop, for social gatherings, exercise equipment, or to simply store everyday items in an organized manner — whether it’s storage containers or clothing, furniture, or even a lawnmower or other yard equipment.

While this has been trending in the United States for the last several years, it’s just starting to pick up steam in the Canadian market and ShelvingMate is out front riding that wave, offering unique shelving storage systems and garage shelving units customizable based on budget and taste.

The residential garage-design-market is driven by more than the need to simply attach metal shelves to the walls or hooks to a garage ceiling. For the garage to be truly multi-functional, the home owner has to get items off the floor. This has created the demand for creative, tasteful solutions that morph garages into an extension of the home itself, rather than simply another ground-level storage unit. Part of this new trend is for homeowners to select truly innovative garage shelving units, as well as cabinetry and storage systems typically found inside the home’s kitchen, for instance.

ShelvingMate leads the way in the garage-design-market within the greater Toronto area with outstanding customer service, unique designs and solutions tailor-made for any taste or budget, and attention to detail. A defining characteristic that makes us successful is actually listening to our customers, and understanding that a successful garage redesign requires a partnership with the homeowner. There’s more to getting the work done than just accepting a check and building something based on what we think the customer needs. As a result, we’ve has established ourselves as the number one company for value-added storage and display solutions in Ontario and surrounding communities.

When it comes to having garage shelving units installed or completely re-designing your garage, the advantages of working with ShelvingMate are significant. We promise outstanding quality with every job we agree to, offer a lifetime warranty with a no-hassle installation promise, sell shelving storage solutions that are infinitely configurable, and market and sell the widest range of shelving accessories in the Greater Toronto Area.

Whether you’re an experienced home improvement guru or in the market for someone to handle your garage-design project from design to installation, contact us today at 1-844-276-2607 for a free consultation.

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