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Stainless Steel Shelves Safety Tips

Thanks to their style, ease of installation, high availability, and low cost, stainless steel shelves are fast becoming the most popular storage system for many consumers, particularly homeowners seeking to accent a high-tech kitchen or home office with the latest in storage trends. At ShelvingMate, we design and install storage systems made from stainless steel shelves that meet the highest industry standards, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001:2004, and ACAI/CISI for manufacturing, durability, and value.
At ShelvingMate, we’ve sold and installed thousands of stainless steel shelves, each one configurable to store small, medium, and large items of different sizes and shapes. This versatility is especially important in the residential marketplace in kitchens, home offices, and garages.
If you’ve purchased stainless steel shelves for home use, please read all manufacturer’s assembly instructions and warnings, paying close attention to any safety tips.

The following safety tips and advice for stainless steel shelves:

  • Chemicals of any sort – cleaning products, antiseptics, lubricants for machinery – should be kept out of the reach of children and small animals, and should be kept on high shelves or, preferably, in a locked cabinet.
  • Homeowners often store portable gas grills in their garages during the winter, but propane from gas grills should never be stored in a residence or garage.
  • Kids’ toys should be off the floor, but not stored so high that they’re unreachable. Bins are an ideal alternative and can be combined with stainless steel shelves to make a perfect storage solution for items children use or play with most frequently.
  • Never exceed the weight limit indicated for stainless steel shelves or other storage systems, as extreme weight could cause the units to collapse.
  • A stainless steel shelves’ vertical supports can be damaged when hit by rolling items like vehicles, bikes, wheel barrows, or anything else that bumps into them.
  • Depending on their size, some ladders are fold-able and can be stored on shelves when not use. However, keep in mind that a better option may be to prop a ladder against a wall horizontally at floor level, or store ladders using hooks.
  • Certain gardening tools like hand shovels or rakes can be stored in bins on stainless steel shelves.
  • If you’ve installed tall, multi-level shelves that are stocked with items you access regularly, make sure to use a step ladder or ladder to retrieve them. The last thing you should do is stack boxes or use a chair, as that increases the risk of falling and getting injured, or damaging items by accidentally knock them off the shelves.
  • Let’s face it. The older we get, the harder it is to bend or stretch to reach frequently used items. Our advice to store frequently used items on stainless steel shelves at a comfortable level to reduce frequent bending – ideally between the knee and the elbow.
  • Finally, if you move items in and out of your garage with the use if a cart, it’s a good idea to set up shelves at a comparable height to make it easier to move heavy objects without having to lift them too high.

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