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Growing a business is difficult even under the best economic conditions. You need customers. You need to sell goods and services that customers want to buy. You need to stay ahead of the competition, and you need to constantly innovate lest you slide backwards and give up hard fought market share to someone else. As many business experts will tell you, one of the best ways to achieve this is through organization – of people, processes, and goods and services.

Regardless of the business you’re in, there’s no better way to organize goods and services than by using heavy duty industrial racks and shelving for all of your storage needs.
With the proper storage solutions in place, it’s easier to move product in and out of a warehouse and drive sales and profitability. Industrial racking and shelving is a booming market in Canada, and a true industry leader in this area is ShelvingMate. We’re the experts in high quality and affordable shelving storage systems, and have installed hundreds of shelves and racks for residential and business customers all across the Greater Toronto Area.

ShelvingMate’s industrial racks and shelving products are available in widths ranging from 12 inches to 72 inches wide, in 12 inch increments, and are 12 to 32 inches deep. Extremely tough and built using the highest quality galvanized steel available, our shelving solutions are custom designed for individual applications. Easy to assemble and configurable, the shelves and storage units we sell are manufactured by METALSISTEM using 3.1B certified high tensile steel coils conforming with the EN 10204 standards. They’re lighter, stronger, and more versatile than competing products and come standard with a five year warranty.

Heavy duty industrial racks and shelving from ShelvingMate are the best way to get your warehouse or other facility organized quickly and in the most efficient manner possible. Each of our designers are trained and experienced in working with clients to help them decide on what types of shelving product are best for their business, and how they should be configured in relation to floor space and products being stored.

Follow These Steps to Determine What Industrial Racking and Shelving Works Best for your business:

Find out everything there is to know about the item being stored and handled in terms of its shape, overall dimensions, and weight.
Become familiar with the area where the racks will be installed and items stored, beginning with the physical dimensions of the available space. The floor condition also is critical, and you will need to determine if it has the necessary load bearing capacity, and is cracked or otherwise damaged. It’s not unusual for floors in warehouses or other industrial settings to need repairs before storage systems can be installed, especially for products that may weight thousands of pounds. You will also need to determine access points to the area where the shelves will be installed, and to the shelves themselves.
How will the stored items be loaded onto the shelves and retrieved? Using a fork lift or some other machinery? Can the fork lift carry the proposed weight of the stored items? How big is the fork lift? What kind of turning radius does it require; is there enough room between the shelves for it to maneuver? What is its maximum lift height?
Determine how often product will be moved in and out of your location, and who will be accessing it most often. If the products are going to be stored by employees with less experience than warehouse staff, then access needs to be as simple as possible.
Make certain your new industrial racks and shelving are configurable and customized for your particular need. At ShelvingMate, all of our products are made to order, meaning there is no universal or cookie cutter solution to finding the same shelving solution for all customers all of the time.
There are thousands of books, magazines, websites, and business leaders espousing different methods for growing a business and remaining profitable regardless of the state of the economy or pressure from competitors. In spite all of this, there is no tried and true method that will take you “to the top” of your particular industry without dedication, hard work, and high quality goods and services. But there are many worthwhile resources available locally, such as the City of Toronto’s Economic Development & Culture Division which provides services to new and established businesses to help them thrive, including:

  • Site selection services and helping companies relocate and expand
  • Acting as the facilitator upon request for industrial and commercial development projects
  • Faster approvals of permits and licenses through its Gold Star service
  • Offering information and advice on statistics, programs, and employment areas
  • Working as an advocate on behalf of business clients for City-related issues
  • Clarifying policy issues, dealing with questions related to business retention and expansion
  • Corporate outreach programs
  • Helping to revitalize and strengthen employment areas
  • Creating local economic development strategies as a partner with Neighbourhood Action Teams
  • Services for small business start-ups, growth and retention support, business licenses and permits information, and online resources
  • Administration and coordination of the Imagination, Manufacturing, Innovation, Technology (IMIT)
  • Grants Program
  • Business improvement area (BIA) development and support
  • Implementation of the Commercial Façade Improvement Program / Banner Mural Program
  • An incubator program to help foster new businesses and business opportunity

If you have questions about sales, or would like information on innovative shelving solution for your business, then checkout this blog to select best storge needs for your business please call us at 1-844-276-2607 or contact us via email for a free, no-hassle consultation. You can also submit a request for quote through our website, and download a brochure for complete details about all of ShelvingMate’s products and services. We are located in Ontario and are available Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Eastern Standard Time. Contact us today and experience the ShelvingMate difference.

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