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SUPER456 Mezzanine/Pallet Racking: Effortless Storage Solutions at ShelvingMate.

SUPER 456 Mezzanine/Pallet racking




SUPER456 Mezzanine/Pallet Racking, setting new functionality standards.

Crafted with innovative design and unmatched versatility, this system represents the epitome of adaptability and efficiency. Whether optimizing space utilization or enhancing organizational capabilities, SUPER456 Mezzanine/ Pallet racking stands as the pinnacle of storage ingenuity. With its seamless functionality and forward-thinking approach, it transforms storage spaces, offering a new standard in convenience and flexibility

SUPER456 Mezzanine/Pallet Racking, a game-changer in warehouse storage solutions.

With its robust design and unparalleled adaptability, this system revolutionizes how you organize your warehouse space. Built for durability and effortless setup, it offers maximum utilization while ensuring lasting reliability. Tailor your storage needs seamlessly and elevate your warehouse organization with SUPER456 Mezzanine/ Pallet Racking, setting a new standard for efficiency and flexibility.

Versatility Redefined:

The standout quality of SUPER456 lies in its adaptability. Not limited to a single application, this series excels in various storage environments. Whether it’s the need for mezzanine installations, drive-in systems, mobile racking, or pallet flow, SUPER456 seamlessly fits diverse requirements. It even accommodates narrow aisles and automated installations, making it a versatile solution for modern warehouses.

Structural Excellence:

The construction of SUPER456 is the epitome of structural integrity. The uprights, designed as closed boxed sections, boast eight connection points across four sides. This design isn’t just for aesthetics; it ensures robustness and stability, ideal for constructing platforms and mezzanines within warehouses.

Built to Last:

Crafted from galvanized steel, SUPER456 stands resilient against rust and wear, guaranteeing durability and longevity. Its structural components, conforming to stringent EN10204 standards, ensure reliability in demanding environments. The double-sided connection beams facilitate swift assembly, a boon for warehouses prioritizing efficiency without compromising on quality.

Tailored Configurations:

One of the key advantages of SUPER456 is its flexibility in configurations. The series boasts an extensive range of standardized accessories, allowing tailored setups to suit diverse storage needs. This adaptability ensures optimal utilization of available space while accommodating varying inventory sizes and weights.


SUPER456 isn’t just a storage solution; it’s a paradigm shift in warehouse organization. From its robust build to its versatile applications, this series epitomizes modern engineering excellence. It’s a game-changer for warehouses seeking efficiency, adaptability, and structural reliability in their storage solutions.

Contact us today to explore how SUPER456 Mezzanine and pallet racking can meet your specific warehouse requirements. Our team is ready to assist and customize the perfect storage solution tailored to your needs. 📦🔧

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