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The reasons why a mezzanine from ShelvingMate could be right for you

If you’ve ever been to a warehouse, performing arts center, opera house, or some movie theaters  you’re probably familiar with the concept of mezzanines. In architecture, a mezzanine is defined as an intermediate level between floors in a building and isn’t normally counted toward the overall number of floors in the structure.

Mezzanines are the perfect solution when it comes to maximizing space, whether you’re talking about hundreds of school age children for an Off-Broadway performance of Peter Pan, or storing parts and equipment in a warehouse. In the later example, high quality and professionally installed mezzanine shelving from the professionals at ShelvingMate is the best solution available. These kinds of shelving units are truly beneficial because they eliminate vertical space which is otherwise wasted through design or accident.

Mezzanine shelving, also known as two-tier shelving, and raised aisle shelving systems are ideal for industrial and commercial warehouses or other large storage areas most often utilized for parts and inventory storage and storing archival materials. This kind of storage solution is also cost-effective because it supports walkways within the shelving system itself, and creates more work space above the main level depending on the flooring options that are selected.

At ShelvingMate, we have engineers on staff who specialize in mezzanine design and whom have years of industrial and application experience that have made our company a leader in innovation and affordable mezzanine shelving for all your business needs. ShelvingMate’s designers and engineers can help you convert unused vertical space within your building into additional work or storage areas with free-standing mezzanine shelving or high-rise shelving-supported mezzanine systems. One benefit of each modular mezzanine shelving system we sell is they are precision engineered for quick assembly and can be easily reconfigured if floor plans or storage needs change. Best of all, our mezzanine storage systems can be integrated with other ShelvingMate products for a complete storage solution.

All of our mezzanine shelving systems meet or exceed ISO 14001:2004, ISO 9001, and ACAI/CISI quality standards and are made from the highest grade steel available. Besides doubling the floor space in most applications, they are highly customizable and can be outfitted with a nearly unlimited array of accessories. Depending on the application, our shelving systems can be configured with stairs to easily access items stored at a higher level, and railings to ensure safety. Most mezzanine shelving systems can be open or closed.

Like all of the high quality and innovative shelving solutions from ShelvingMate, mezzanine shelving is: Completely boltless, made from galvanized and rustproof steel, comes with a lifetime guarantee, can store items of different weights and dimensions, and can be accessorized with flooring, lighting, stairs, railings, gates, and security systems as required.

ShelvingMate has been the industry leader in affordable and customizable storage solutions for home and business owners throughout the Greater Toronto Area for several years. For more information or to request a free estimate, call us today at 1-844-276-2607.

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