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Expand Your Retail Space with Mobile Shelving Solutions from ShelvingMate

If you are in charge of a retail store – whether it is of the discount “dollar” store variety selling low-priced wares, or a high-end fashion boutique catering to more discerning clientele – one thing never changes. You never seem to have enough shelving to either display product on the sales floor, or store them efficiently in the stock room. The need for high quality, customizable and affordable storage solutions is a growing market in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), and no company is better positioned to lead that surge than the professionals at ShelvingMate.

In a case like this, when it’s difficult for employees to find products and customers are becoming frustrated by the lack of organization, an ideal option are custom designed mobile shelving units from ShelvingMate. Because of our industry leading expertise and experience, our consultants and design team can help any retail outlet find the right shelving system for all their needs and which fit a pre-determined budget.

Plan Carefully for the Right Storage Solution

From our experience, a critical mistake that many small retail business owners or managers fall victim to is not thinking through their storage requirements before making a purchase decision. If a retail store has a recognizable brand, storage and shelving should accentuate it in a positive manner and not overwhelm the rest of the business. This means understanding the type of products to be stored and displayed, how much space there is to work with, and who will be accessing items and how often. This is where ShelvingMate comes in, helping retail businesses assess their needs and presenting them with the most affordable mobile shelving solutions available.

When you begin reviewing your storage requirements, here are some questions to ask:

  1. How many square feet do I have to work with?
  2. How much room is there between floor and ceiling?
  3. Where will the mobile shelving units be installed?
  4. Who needs access?

Each of these questions are important, and our consultants will not only help you answer them, but review other storage scenarios that may apply and what your options are before making a final decision.

What are Mobile Shelving Systems?

Despite their name, these types of storage units are not shelving systems supported by casters that can be rolled from one location to the next, and you can’t buy them from Target or your local home improvement warehouse, either. They are far more specialized and exclusive. The system is divided into shelving sections, with each section seated on a level track, allowing the heavier units to be moved with little or no effort at all. Today’s most advanced mobile shelving units are operated by electrical motors and can be moved with the touch of a button or very little physical effort.

There are More Benefits than Meet the Eye

At first glance, many customers look at examples of mobile shelving systems without truly seeing the bigger picture or grasping the significant benefits that these types of shelving offer. The less organized a retail store is, the less room there is for new products – resulting in fewer customers and declining sales. What are some of the benefits of the customizable system we offer?

  • More floor space. Our mobile shelving units are much more economical compared to other high density storage, generally resulting in a minimum floor space saving of 50 percent or greater.
  • Like any other business, a retail store functions at optimum efficiency with an organized administrative staff in charge of billing, ordering, and documenting merchandise. None of that is possible with bulky and overstuffed file cabinets – lateral or otherwise – making mobile shelving an ideal solution.
  • The mobile shelving units we sell are customizable and scalable, meaning they can be easily adapted and expanded with growing business needs.

Metalsistem and ShelvingMate – A Winning Combination

The storage systems we customize and install are manufactured by Metalsistem, a global leader in innovative storage and shelving products since 1970. Metalsistem uses only the best 3.1 certified high tensile steel coils that conform to the EN10204 standards for quality and durability. All of the mobile shelving units are boltless and can be assembled without special tools; are galvanized and able to withstand a wide range of environmental factors like rain, snow, or heat and will not rust; come with a wide range of accessories; and, perhaps best of all, each include a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer, in addition to a five year warranty from ShelvingMate.

When it comes to mobile shelving for the retail market, two product lines from Metalsistem that outshine competing systems are the Super 1-2-3 and Unirack shelving systems for light to medium duty needs. When combined with Metalsistem’s new Mobile-T System, both offer greater flexibility and storage options than ever before:

  • Fast & Easy Assembly due to minimal number of components.
  • Safe, low profile rails that do not need sub-floor between each rail.
  • Include mobile bases with simple rails and do not have any gear mechanism.
  • Cost effective with attractive pricing, based on different storage needs and custom designed plans.
  • Up to 75 percent savings in total storage space.

Metalsistem’s new Mobile-T system is available in three configurations for maximum flexibility: Pull-out, Lateral, and Side-by-Side.
As the name implies, pull-out mobile shelving units do not move from side to side, but are rather pulled toward someone retrieving a product from one of the shelves. Lateral mobile shelving units offer a unique configuration that reminds one of book shelves in a library: As you face the units, you have a full view of each shelf, with the units movable from side to side to reveal another unit behind or beside. Side-by-side systems are very similar to lateral units.

Please checkout this amazing blog about Mobile Shelving Installation at Engineering Office and find yourself how it benefit’s our customers.

At ShelvingMate, our design and installation experts are focused on helping you find quality, scalable and customizable storage solutions for all of your retail needs. For more information or to receive a free consultation, please call us today at 1-844-276-2607 or visit us online.

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