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Whether you have medium to heavy duty storage needs and are looking for the right shelving racks, the design and installation experts at ShelvingMate work closely with an industry leader, Metalsistem, to meet your goals and budget concerns with a range of high quality and affordable products. Combined with Metalsistem’s manufacturing expertise, ShelvingMate is able to custom design solutions around a stunning product lineup of shelving and racks known for their strength, durability, and overall cost effectiveness.

At ShelvingMate, we’re the number one storage solutions company in the Greater Toronto Area and have hundreds of satisfied residential, retail, industrial, and commercial customers who’ve chosen us over competing companies because of our commitment to value and service. If you’re looking for the premier brand of shelving racks, none rate higher than those offered by Metalsistem. All of the steel coils Metalsistem uses are purchased from the world’s largest steel suppliers and meet not only industry standards, but those insisted upon by the company itself. Metalsistem’s entire product lineup uses 3.1B certified high tensile steel coils that meet EN 10204 standards, as well as industry recognized ISO 9001, ACA/CISI, AEO, and ISO 14001:2004 standards for quality, manufacturing, and environmental safety.

For medium to light duty storage needs, ShelvingMate offers several Metalsistem shelving racks to choose from, including Super 1-2-3, Unirack and Super Inox. Each are highly customizable and can be accessorized to benefit a broad range of industries.

The Super 1-2-3 lineup is tailored especially for lighter weight goods and in an active environment where products are routinely selected from the racks by hand. Small warehouses, hospitals, or other commercial settings that store archived material – from film to books to other items – can benefit immensely from Super 1-2-3 shelving racks. The same goes for stores that sell automotive, plumbing, or electrical supplies – and even retail establishments with a diverse range of items like shoes, clothing, and consumer electronics or small appliances. In fact, it’s not unusual for ShelvingMate to outfit garage space for residential customers with several Super 1-2-3 racks side by side to better organize their personal items and make them easily accessible.

Unirack shelving racks are multi-tier storage solutions that are ideal for light weight needs and can, in fact, be configured for suspended walkways leading to mezzanine shelving or other storage areas. The Unirack lineup is modular in nature, making it simple for ShelvingMate’s design staff to develop an estimate based on different storage configurations unique to a business and the products it wishes to store.

If your business revolves around the food industry, then you understand how critical it is to find durable, high strength shelving racks that meet food safety standards. In this case, the best choice are Super Inox shelving racks from Metalsistem and ShelvingMate. These are specifically manufactured for cold storage needs, industrial kitchens, and food preparation areas where there’s a premium on design and configuration options. Super Inox shelving is also ideal for the pharmaceutical industries.

One of the best ways to maximize storage space in a warehouse or other commercial settings is by using easily configurable mezzanine shelving, of which there is no better choice than Metalsistem’s Super 4-5-6 products. Modular in design, these shelving racks are suited for heavy weight items that are stored or retrieved automatically.

For businesses with pallet racking or drive-in storage needs, ShelvingMate’s design professionals can configure SuperBuild shelving racks that are extremely durable and can accommodate load bearing capacities between 7.5 and 15 tons.

Regardless of your shelving and storage needs, contact ShelvingMate today at 1-844-276-2607 for a free quote.

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