Why steel shelving is the best shelving material

For home and business owners, there is an almost endless selection available of shelving systems depending on need and budget. If you’re an audiophile who hasn’t yet given in to the digital revolution and have hundreds of vinyl record albums to store, you may choose a shelving system made of wood that better fits your home décor than something made from plastic, for example. If you’re a retail business owner whose store gets a lot of foot traffic and customers who peruse expensive merchandise, you may decide that glass display cases with locking doors are the best option available. In many cases, however, shelves made of high strength steel trump all other options.

At ShelvingMate, we’re the Greater Toronto Area’s leading company for innovative shelving solutions and we only design and install the best steel shelving systems available for residential, industrial, commercial, and retail markets.

Shelving and storage systems made of wood can warp, crack, or otherwise degrade over time, meaning they will need to be stripped to the bare wood and refinished, or completely replaced. And because some wood shelves are made from particle board, cracks that occur at hinges or screw holes cannot always be repaired – again necessitating full replacement.

Glass shelving is often just as bad, but poses an even higher risk of injury if cracked or shattered. And while wood shelving can be repaired or resurfaced, even the smallest cracks or chips in glass shelving is a precursor to more catastrophic failure.

In either case, disassembling and relocating wood or glass shelving to another room in your house or area in your business is problematic at best. If you disassemble these sorts of shelves, you have to keep track of screws, bolts, and other fasteners, not to mention the shelves themselves and any other vertical support beams.

All of the steel shelving units we offer have none of these weaknesses. In fact, our steel shelving units:

  1. Are completely boltless.
  2. Are made from the highest quality steel available.
  3. Will not warp, crack, rust otherwise break.
  4. Are made from galvanized steel, meaning they won’t give in to other damage from the elements. As a result, our steel shelving units are ideal for industrial or commercial applications where they may be exposed to water, wind, heat, or freezing temperatures.
  5. Come with an “industry best” lifetime guarantee.
  6. Are easy to assemble, and in most cases the only tool required is a rubber mallet.

Finally, at ShelvingMate, we believe that high quality is not the same as high prices. All of our products and services are competitively priced but if you find a comparable product at a lower advertised cost, we recommend you ask about installation services, ongoing maintenance, and the kind of warranty that’s available.

Call us today to learn more about the ShelvingMate difference, we guarantee you will not be disappointed from our award winning steel shelving solutions to our excellent customer service.

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