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Top 5 Benefits of Mobile Shelving

There’s an old adage when it comes to computer hard drives and online storage facilities: Space is cheap. And that may be the case, but certain businesses – doctor’s offices, hospitals, labs, schools, warehouses – must have the means to store physical documents that are easily accessible. As a result, complicated network or online storage isn’t an option. And because real estate is becoming increasingly expensive, renting or building offsite storage isn’t ideal, either.

Enter mobile shelving, which can sometimes double the storage capacity of existing space, and making other areas in an office or warehouse available for other uses. At ShelvingMate, we specialize in unique and affordable shelving storage solutions to help businesses do just that – utilize existing space, freeing up time and resources for other business critical pursuits.

Many consumers envision mobile shelving as large wire or steel units on casters that can be moved from place to place, but the mobile shelving systems we design and install are more robust and purpose driven than that. Each section is placed on a level track, allowing the heavier units to be moved with little or no effort at all. In fact, most commercial mobile shelving units are operated by electrical motors and can be moved with the touch of a button.
This type of shelving may be more expensive initially, but over time more than makes up for the cost difference thanks to a number of advantages:

  • Increase available floor space. Imagine a long wall to which shelves have been affixed; eventually, there’s no more room available. Mobile shelving units, on the other hand, can be arranged like aisles of shelves in a library, several units wide and deep. The upshot is many of the mobile shelving solutions we install can boost existing space by 50 or 100 percent. Best of all, the shelves can be moved along the track, giving access to another unit placed closer to the wall.
  • By freeing up available floor space, mobile shelving allows for expansion, by adding more units as storage demands increase.
  • Mobile shelving units are easily customizable, not only in terms of the height between individual shelves, but also in regards to the types of media they store. At ShelvingMate, we can accessorize mobile shelves to accommodate different kinds of media, such hanging and paper file folders, computer tape backup cartridges, CD-ROM and DVD media, photographs and negatives – literally any kind of item that needs to be stored safely, and can be accessed on-demand.
  • Documents and other items can be organized and cataloged more efficiently.
  • Mobile shelving units are equipped with brakes and other safety devices, minimizing the risk of injury to people or damage to stored items.
  • Greater security for stored documents. Mobile shelving units can be compressed (slid together) and locked, hiding stored documents and other items from view when privacy and security is a requirement.
  • Finally, mobile shelving compliments existing storage solutions, and can be easily installed not only in areas where floor space is at a premium, but also in rooms with extra space available.

As illustrated above, Mobile shelving can be a true space and time saver for a variety of businesses from lawyers and doctors offices to medium size warehouses that require FIFO.

ShelvingMate’s mobile shelving solutions are adjustable, zinc coated, rust proof and come with a no questions asked lifetime warranty.

Call ShelvingMate today and ask us about our mobile shelving solutions or just request a free consultation.

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